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3,652 ha

Los Bancos

Improved Forest Management - CAR Mexico Forest Protocol


Los Bancos



3,652 ha

Improved Forest Management - CAR Mexico Forest Protocol

Established in 2018, the Ejido Forestal Los Bancos project conserves communally-owned pine-oak forest in Northern Mexico and provides alternative income to the 44 ejidatarios who have traditionally tended the land. The project hopes to sequester 376,166 tons of CO2 within ten years by leaving 30% more residual timber from planned harvests than is required by Mexican law. The project also invests in conservation activities and forest fire prevention infrastructure.


Registry ID: 1392


CAR Forest Protocol for Mexico (MFP) v2.0

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Does the project have a net additional climate benefit?

  • Net additional climate benefit

    Emissions reductions are calculated based on the difference between baseline, project, and leakage emissions. Pachama analyzes emissions claims to confirm that the project has a net additional climate benefit, and each credit represents at least one metric ton of carbon.



Is the climate benefit based on sound and conservative claims?

  • Baseline claims

    Pachama analyzes baseline emissions accounting to confirm that the reported baseline emissions are less than what Pachama observes with remote sensing.

  • Project claims

    Pachama assesses the project boundary, project emissions accounting, carbon inventory, and financial and legal additionality.

  • Leakage claims

    Pachama summarizes the project's reported leakage emissions accounting.



Is the climate benefit long-lasting?

  • Ongoing monitoring

    Pachama quantifies emissions since the last verification to ensure the project continues to deliver a climate benefit.

  • Project risks

    Pachama characterizes fire and other natural risks and summarizes buffer pool contributions.


Beyond Carbon

Does the project deliver benefits beyond carbon?

  • Social impacts

    If a project occurs on community-owned land, Pachama confirms the community is fully informed of the project activity and impact, consent is given without coercion, and a grievance and redress mechanism is in place.

  • Ecological impacts

    For ARR projects, Pachama analyzes native species planting, species diversity, regional suitability, and reforestation practices.

  • Certifications

    Pachama provides a summary of the project's awarded certifications.


Impacts beyond carbon

Funds from the sale of carbon credits will go back into the community and the forest

Distinctively, the Los Bancos project is directly owned and managed by members of the Los Bancos ejido. In Mexico, ejidos are areas of communal land use where the land is tended by its traditional inhabitants. The 44 ejidatarios who call Los Bancos home see carbon finance as a valuable way to balance their economic needs with their dedication to the land and have come together to commit over 80% of the ejido to the project. All ejidatarios participated in a series of community meetings and trainings prior to providing consent for entrusting their land to the project. Carbon revenue benefits are distributed amongst the community members. The project also employs several ejido members who provide administrative and forest management support to ensure the project’s ongoing success.
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  • Verification report 2018-2019


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